Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that I often receive...

How long does will it take to build my rod?
Sometimes I am able to get your rod built within a few days.  Usually it will take at least two weeks.  Sometimes it can take longer if the rod blank you want is out of stock, or if I am very busy.  In many cases I am able to get your rod finished and shipped out to you in less than two weeks.  Rarely does it take a month.

How are you able to sell these rods at these prices?
Because this is a home-based business, I am able to keep my prices down.

What is so special about a custom fly rod?
Owning a custom fly rod is like owning a custom Ferrari... it is different from any other Ferrari (I mean rod) in the way it looks (reel seat, thread wrap, etc.) but "under the hood" it still retains all the performance characteristics of a Ferrari.
There is something very special about owning a custom rod that you had input into how it looks.  Your rod will be unique and special and built just for you.

What if I break my rod?
Any rod I build for you will be covered by the blank manufacture's (Sage, Matrix, RodGeeks, Winston, etc.) warranty.  Your rod will come with warranty paperwork.

What if you are abducted by space aliens and are never seen from again?
If that happens, most custom rod builders will be able to handle the warranty process for you. (and your Coastal Creek Outfitters custom fly rod will likely increase in re-sale value). 

Can I buy a rod from you without going through your website?
Yes.  Just get my phone number and/or email address on the contact page and we can discuss your custom rod.  I know that sometimes it can ease your mind when you actually are able to talk to someone when making such large purchase.

What brand of thread, clear coat, epoxy, etc., do you use?
I almost exclusively use ProWrap thread, ProKote clear coat, and ProPaste epoxy adhesive.  However,I will use another brand on your rod if you have a specific preference.

What components do you use on your custom rods?
There are so many different components from which to choose when it comes to fly rods.  But I have found that American Tackle reel seats and guides are world-class components and I have NEVER had any problems with these components.  They are readily available and are always of outstanding quality.  I would NEVER put any second-rate components on any rods I build.  

Can you put my name on my rod?
Yes.  I can put your name, initials, favorite saying, date, etc. on your rod and there is no charge for this.  I will make a decal with the appropriate color of print (gold, silver, white, or black) and then a clear coat is applied to protect it.  In other words, it is NOT going to rub off.

Are the blanks you use "blemished" or "factory seconds"?
No, never!  I don't even know where to get a "blemished" or "factory second" rod... nor would I want any.

Do you sell anything other than custom fly rods?
Not really.  I build about 200 custom rods each year and that keeps me pretty busy.

Will you build my rod different from the options listed?
Absolutely!  That is one of the best things about buying a custom rod.  The options I have listed with each rod are not the only way I can build your rod.  They are simply the most common options past customers have chosen and that is why I have listed those particular options.

Can you give me advice on what rod to buy?
I can help, but most people already have in mind what they want when they are ready to buy a custom rod.  Obviously, if you are going to Alaska to fish for salmon you shouldn't plan on using a 2 weight.

What about line, reels, flies, etc.?
Because my expertise is in building custom fly rods (and the fact that I don't sell anything else) I probably won't be able to answer too many of those specific questions.  It is kind of like I am a race car engine mechanic... but don't ask me about tires.

How did you get into building fly rods?
What started out as a curiosity turned into a hobby that turned into a part-time job that turned into a full-time job.  I love building custom rods and I can't wait to start work each morning.

Do you fish a lot?
Not as much as I would like... but who does?  I began fly fishing nearly 30 years ago in the mountains of northern New Mexico (the upper Pecos, specifically).  

Can you build my rod with a particular theme?
Of course.  That is one of the funnest things I get to do.  I have built many themed rods:  college teams, pro football & baseball teams, regional areas, etc.

What is the weirdest rod theme you have built?
Sometimes a customer wants me to build a particular color scheme that might be a bit "out there".  But then, the finished rod ends up looking pretty nice.  Example:  I had a guy want a "Jamaican Rasta" themed rod.  I thought it would look weird, but it ended up looking really pretty and I have built many of them since then.  I have learned that nothing really is weird as long as it is what you want.  You are in control of how I build your rod.

Do you sell your rods world-wide?
Yes.  I have sold rods to someone on every continent (except Antarctica, of course).  I have a large map on the wall in my shop and put a dot on each country where one of my rods ends up going. 

How long does it take for you to build a rod?
If the rod has just one thread wrap color and no stripes, my actual hands-on labor on the rod is about two and half hours.  However, that time is spread out over a two day period because of epoxy and clear-coat dry times.

Who is the pretty girl in the pic?
That is Josie Belle... my best friend, the love of my life, and my greatest catch.  She inspires me each day, and every day is better because of her.  Oh, and she can tie a perfect nail knot.  143.