Coastal Creek Outfitters Fly Rods

Each of the Coastal Creek Outfitters rods are hand-built in my shop, one at a time, using quality components.  All of these rods come with a 5 year warranty.
I can also build for you a custom version of any of these rods.  

  The Champion rod is a four piece fly rod that is a smooth casting, beautiful rod.  
CLICK HERE for Champion Fly Rods
The Cobalt Salt rod is similar to our Champion rods, but comes in a beautiful blue satin finish.
CLICK HERE for Cobalt Salt Rods
The Tactical Stealth rod is a fast action rod and has a matte black finish.
CLICK HERE for Tactical Stealth Rods
Our Trekker rod is a seven piece fly rod that fits in back packs, luggage, etc.  It casts similar to our Champion rods. 
CLICK HERE for Trekker Fly Rods
  Our Alura rod is a great Euro Nymphing rod at a great price.
CLICK HERE for Alura Nymphing Rod

  Coming Soon... Spey rods!