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      Ordering a custom fly rod used to be confusing and complicated.  But not any more!
      I build about 250 custom rods each year and have learned that I can build a rod for you if I have the following information:

      1. Do you want a black or silver reel seat, and (if applicable) which wood insert do you want? 
      2. Do you want black or silver guides?
      3. What color, or colors, of thread wrap do you want and do you want any stripes?

      Those are the basic questions I ask when I build a rod.  Sure, there are sometimes more details that would be helpful to know when I build your rod (such as a particular theme you may want with the thread wrap color).  But for the most part, those are the questions I always ask when I build a rod.
      After selling custom rods in my ebay store for years, I finally created this website so that anyone, anywhere, can order a rod and provide me with the details of how they want their rod built without having to go through a series of back and forth emails and/or phone calls.  Of course, if you prefer to contact me via email or phone, please do not hesitate.  I always enjoy talking to people about building their custom rod and I will certainly do whatever it takes to make sure that I build your rod you exactly the way you want it built.
      Each rod I build is built one-at-a-time and the same time, care, and attention goes into every single rod... no matter what the price. 
      Please make sure that you list any additional details you may want in the "Any other details you want?" box on the order page.